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Posted On May 5th 2018 03:24:48 PM

Pakistan have many good cities and locations, places but Faisalabad is safe third big city of Pakistan. Faisalabad city also known as many things and peoples come to this city for multiple reasons.in this city has big range to come. Business man come for business because this city has big range of industrial and Faisalabad is also especially known as industrial city. People come for medical issue from other small city to Faisalabad because here all kind hospitals avail. Student come for study because Faisalabad Asia biggest university Agriculture and other govt and private institute in big range.
If you want to do study, then Faisalabad will be nice choice because it’s very good city for educational base.

I will try to cover some govt and private institute in my list

  • First Agriculture university (different departments of This university like Nuclear and Biology and other)

  • Govt Post Graduate College

  • Govt Technical institute and training centers

  • Govt College University

  • National Textile University

  • Other city University campus

  • And Big range of private colleges and schools

  • DPS, DMC, Punjab, superior, shiblee Faisalabad colleges ETC,

  • Medical Colleges and Universities

Education Institute at jaranwala Road in Faisalabad

At this location of jaranwala you can search many institute like as NFC, Punjab college branches, superior college, shiblee college, tips college, government colleges and training institute and centers. All these institute you can find hostel near to as your choice.

Like this in Faisalabad city many areas have hostels I will try to cover all areas where hostels are located.

  • I will start from near GCU; you can find hostel with your demand. Jinnah colony, abc road, gulburg colony, sheikh colony Nazimabad.
  • Agriculture university area are located gullamabad, civil line, jail road, Allied mod.
  • Madina university, Punjab medical college, Sargodha road, bawa chak, Allied Mod.
  • Samanabad College road there is private and Govt institute and there are 15 to 20 hostels are located.
  • Madina town also with Govt college and institute and private schools colleges also there and there is big range of girls hostels and our search is there is almost 35 hostels

All in Faisalabad city are covered with study institute and with hostel are located in these areas.

Low End of Hostel Price

In low price hostel only you can find living space with price range of 2500 to 5000. There will be simple basic rooms, separated bath room. You can find hostel in any area of Faisalabad. In this range you cannot find luxury room like air conditioner etc.

Mid-Range of Hostel Price

The hostel room in this range will be start from 6000 to 8000 and you can find hostel also in every of Faisalabad. Specially in jarranwala road and Jinnah colony and some other locations. They offer you facilities of bed and attach bath room and breakfast and some other amenities. But it will on sharing bases.

High range of Hostel Price

In this category you will find hostel with high class rooms which price start from 8500 pkr to 11000 pkr. These room are well furnished with 24/7 electricity backup.in this hostel you can find single bed room for yourself only. In this range you can find hostel in D ground, Kohinoor city and Canal Express highway. SO now you can find with your range of money and with your desired location with your required facilities which you want. I try to cover all things and areas hope you like it

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Posted On May 5th 2018 03:12:17 PM

This is not a topic about find a hostel, its depend on our living style you must have to read about all article how to find a good hostel, best hostel. because our living style must notify us in other how we live and where we living. our sociaty of this genration notice all these kind of things and i also agree we must have to live in good and best place its our right to live in nice envoirement, if we live in good sociaty and area and one more thing we live in good people then we can survive with them and good for health too.

you think what am i saying and you are feeling bore too, i know its boring but its reality truth.

we  need to focus on many things to find a good hostel for living.its also depend on what for i need a hostel. i am coming in other city for study and for job or i am at traveling.

if i am at study and for job want to stay in other city then must have to focus and find nearest place 


Location is very important to find and living where we are living and what for are living.if you are student or do job then you must have to find nearest place to your institute and office or working area. 

And if you are  traveler and want to stay in cheap place then remember cheap can give you cheapest quality. if you increase your budge then you can get more choices and can get best place for living.


Second one thing to find good hostel is envoirement. where we are staying or living that place is good for living as base of envoirement. staying area is not poluted or noise.streets are good for walk there is park near to hostel or staying place.

what you are getting in hostel?

Third one is very important thing to find a nice hostel with features and facilities.which facilities are providng through the hostel team.

they are giving bed cupboard air condition in summer or windows in rooms,bath is attached or not, what about electricity backup they have generator or not, how many blocks or floors in a hostel, kitchen also available in hostel, open area for refreshment, 

These all are facilities now we think about features in Hostel,

  • Hostel proving internet connect with WiFi facilities because now in a days for study and job or connect with families, friends its very important.
  • In Hostel where you want to stay there is any library or any Knowledgeable staff. 
  • Hostel near to shopping market or food market
  • hostel good filtered water plant system.
  • Hostel have any activity like games or play area.
  • Hostel have park near to hostel for walk.
  • Hostel have mess facilities
  • Hostel have Lockers or not


Forth thing is very very important to ask specially if you are girl.then you need to worry about security. hostel are providing hostel security.hostel have security guard at door how many security guard are available. any camera network system in hostel and one more thing to insure which room mates are staying with you they are verified. they are not involved in any illegal activity.


Now time to say good bye to you Mr/miss read this article. i try to cover all things which these need to one hostel.this is very important thing which discuss about hostel must you have to remember it before go to hostel hope you like it. i try my best if you have any question then you contact us with our contact page.

Waqar Mahboob

Thank you

Posted On May 5th 2018 03:03:35 PM

First we will talk about Traveler hostelers. Travel loving people travel many time so they know very well about hostel living style. If you are new traveler and you want to stay in other country or city hostel you need to read our all articles about hostel

  • Like what do you need in hostel
  • Top question before joining hostel
  • List of thing of packing

In these article I try to explain many things with simple and clear hope you will like it. So traveler hosteler will be stay for a day for a week may be for a month. If he/she stay for a month then its will be not amazed because some people love to visit all locations and places. But If you are doing job or come for job project then you condition will also apply same like traveler because who do job. He does not know how much time he will be here for a month for a year but even he is living for a year’s then must be ready for all things and he will also point out all things for a hosteler. But if you are student then have chance to live more than one year. Like jobber. So you need to compare all hostel find fair price hostel with all facilities and features. And prepared your mind. Traveler and job hosteller condition are not applying same like student but you need to complete all things and bag pack for hostel. Because Gods knows what happened next First All of things even you are traveler, Jobber, student and want to stay in hostel then make a plan for stay in hostel. Plan will be like this. first of all, decide duration of stay in hostel then search comfortable hostel then pack your bag for stay in hostel like your needy things which want to your hostel room for you.
Note: All things are decide to your duration of stay in hostel.

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